In the event of a spill or threat of discharge, contact Safe Harbor immediately.

Contact our 24 Hour
Toll Free Hotline at: (877) 397-9252

International calls can contact our office at: 1 + 516-795-8803

This will be directed to the Claims Department.

Our Claims Process

Safe Harbor is able to activate the largest spill response network in the industry at a moment’s notice. Our worldwide response is tailored to your specific needs and can navigate you through the intricacies that arise in any spill response. Our regional spill managers and “boots on the ground” mentality, assure that no matter the size, severity, or location, Safe Harbor is there to protect our clients and the environment.

Our goal is to make the vessel pollution claims process as quick and efficient as possible. Once a spill has been reported through our 24-hour manned hotline, you can monitor the status of your claims in real-time through our user-friendly online system. Safe Harbor’s experienced team facilitates the complete process from the moment a spill is reported, through to the resolution and payout of the claim.

Case Studies

A Safe Harbor Assured had questions concerning response and coverage related to their Safe Harbor Marina Policy. Our claims team had a conference call prior to inception to explain the coverage and the services provided in the event of an incident.  Having a proactive and hands-on approach to the Assured’s coverage provided peace of mind, so when a vessel at the Assured’s marina experienced a bilge pump failure and sank, all parties were prepared. The yacht discharged several gallons of diesel and lube oil on the Marina’s premises, and Safe Harbor was able to immediately dispatch a Spill Manager.  Despite the yacht owners’ inability to provide the response required by the Coast Guard, Safe Harbor’s Spill Manager was able to effectively manage the response at the Marina and address all of the Coast Guard’s concerns.

  • Their customer service and claims department far outweighs any competitor. It’s just simply unmatched. If your customers suffer a loss, their claims department is fast and responsive, and my customers couldn’t be happier with that.

    — Account Manager – National Recognized Broker


  • I can always rely on their claims service to do their job and to do it fast, leaving my customers satisfied. I couldn’t be happier with a pollution insurance provider!

    — Account Manager – Internationally Recognized Broker