Through the maze of federal and state statutes, it can be difficult to understand how to best protect the vessel owners’ and operators’ interests in the event of a spill. Not only is there a threat of damaging the environment, but there is the added risk to a company’s reputation and resources if the spill response is handled improperly. Safe Harbor provides comprehensive coverage for both the vessel owner and operator in the event of spills, or the threat of spills.


Any vessel trading in the United States must have a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (COFR) to ensure they can bear the costs for cleanup from an oil spill. Vessel operators who do not comply are subject to detainment, denial of entry, penalties up to $32,500 per day, and seizure or forfeiture of the vessel. Safe Harbor COFR policy provides the Certificate of Financial Responsibility Guaranty product to satisfy the regulatory requirement for vessel owners trading to the United States.


A spill occurs at your marina, damaging the property, wildlife or other vessels located at the site; Safe Harbor offers the coverage you need to insulate yourself from such risk. Our Marina policy protects marina owners in the event of a vessel spill at their location.


The Shipyard not only has their own vessels to worry about, but all the vessels under their care, custody and control. Safe Harbor Shipyard policy offers protection against spills that occur while vessels are being built or repaired – including shipyard-owned vessels. This comprehensive vessel pollution coverage also protects the yard for sea trials and delivery trips.


Any person or company that works on or around a vessel can become liable in the event of a spill. This unique coverage provides a comprehensive third party’s legal liability in the event of a vessel discharge.


The international Bunker Convention was introduced in 2008 by 21 countries worldwide. In any of these countries, it is the ship owner who is liable for pollution damage from a ship’s bunkers, and pollution liability insurance is therefore a legal obligation. If you wish to visit a port in a state that is party to the Bunker Convention, you therefore need to apply for a Blue Card from your insurance company in advance. Safe Harbor is approved by over 30 countries and can provide you the Blue Card.

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