Safe Harbor Expertise

With the advent of Safe Harbor, your options for vessel pollution insurance coverage are diversifying for the first time in more than 15 years. We believe that our clients deserve more than just the status quo. You deserve the best coverage available in the market right now, from the most experienced and seasoned veterans in the industry. When you partner with Safe Harbor, you are getting more than best-in-class coverage, you are inheriting our experience. We might be the newest name in vessel pollution, but with nearly 50 years of applied expertise, the Safe Harbor team represents the longest continually practicing experts in the vessel pollution space—something that cannot be claimed by any other carrier in the industry, even the oldest and most recognizable.

Our extensive industry knowledge and experience benefits our clients and broker partners because we understand how changes in regulations, statutes, and laws affect policies and endorsements. We understand the nuances of every aspect of vessel pollution, from prevention to spill response, so that our clients receive the best-in-class service when it matters most. We don’t trade on our name, we trade on superior value.

Always Visible, Always Accessible

We are on a first name basis with our Broker partners—we’re not “Safe Harbor,” we’re Russ, Tony and Sean. We pride ourselves on being highly visible and always available, both for our Broker partners and their clients. No matter when or where an event occurs, you can rest assured that you will receive a detailed and speedy response to any inquiry.

Competitive Pricing

At Safe Harbor, vessel pollution insurance is more than a line item, it’s our entire world. We understand the importance of keeping your costs down, so we believe that better coverage doesn’t have to cost more. We strive to provide the most robust form in the industry at a price that makes sense. We promise the best value of any carrier, and unrivalled service that redefines what you expect from your vessel pollution coverage.

Claims Excellence

Safe Harbor is committed to going above and beyond expectations in terms of claims. We handled over 100 occurrences in the last year alone, and we believe that everyone deserves proactive, transparent and expedited service during the claims process. We believe that approved invoices should be paid as quickly as possible—contrary to the rest of the industry, where you might be tied up with back and forth for weeks or months before settling a claim. At Safe Harbor, there are no hidden clauses buried in fine print, no runaround, and no question that you’re going to get the best possible service and satisfaction should you ever need to file a claim.

Proactive Spill Prevention

When seconds count, you want to know that your insurer is available and ready to handle an incident, that they have the infrastructure in place to deploy Spill Managers at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world, and that they have the expertise to quickly and effectively mitigate any additional damage. More importantly, you want a partner who will not only be ready and able to help in the worst case scenario, but proactive in preventing incidents in the first place. Safe Harbor has the industry’s leading infrastructure and institutional knowledge at your disposal to ensure you are protected before you ever file a claim.

Expert Spill Response, Faster

Safe Harbor offers the largest spill response network in the industry, allowing us to respond faster than any other carrier in those crucial first moments of an event. With services including damage mitigation, cleanup, and cost accounting Safe Harbor ensures you are insulated from further damage or liability after a spill occurs. Our first priority is to contain the event, using our industry leading network of Spill Managers to respond at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are, when you need it most. Safe Harbor’s team of Spill Managers are deployed immediately to oversee the cleanup process, adhering to rigorous and uncompromising standards to further protect you from unexpected or otherwise avoidable additional expenses, while our Claims Specialists process your claim—getting you the peace of mind you deserve with no runaround or delay.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Coverage

Safe Harbor offers the industry’s broadest form, to the degree that WQIS eventually updated their own policies to remain competitive with Safe Harbor’s innovative coverage. We believe that you should be covered for every eventuality, so we never cut corners when we develop our policies, and we’re constantly looking to improve them. We leverage our years of expertise and deep knowledge of the vessel pollution space to create the most comprehensive and straightforward policy in the industry, year after year.

Security and Resiliency

Safe Harbor binds and issues coverage of behalf of three Top Tier insurance carriers, with authority to bind coverage of Marine Pollution Liability up to $175 million. All risks bound by Safe Harbor Pollution Insurance are secured by one or more of the following: Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (A.M. Best ‘A++ Superior’ rated), Starr Indemnity & Liability Company (A.M. Best ‘A Excellent’ rated), and State National Insurance Company (A.M. Best ‘A Excellent’ rated). This financial security and resiliency provides the peace of mind that claims will be settled fairly and reliably. Safe Harbor is pleased to partner with companies that share our vision for unsurpassed service and underwriting excellence.



  • What I value most is Safe Harbor’s responsiveness. They will follow up with me well in advanced of a renewal, and they will send a quote and bind faster than of their competitors. They definitely help make my life easier as a broker and that’s a big plus at the end of the day.

    — Account Manager – National Recognized Broker

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