The cumulative experience of the Safe Harbor team represents nearly 50 years of continuous specialization exclusively in vessel pollution insurance—making Safe Harbor the longest practicing team in the space. Despite only being in the market under the Safe Harbor banner since 2013, Safe Harbor has written some of the industry’s flagship accounts, and is experiencing exponential growth, with quote submissions growing by more than 30% each month, year-over-year.

One of Safe Harbor’s biggest differentiators as a company is actually the common thread that unites the team: Russ Brown, Tony Gerone and Sean Quinn are all veterans of Water Quality Insurance Syndicate (WQIS), where they helped lead the company to years of historic growth prior to founding Safe Harbor. As a function of both the length and breadth of the team’s collective expertise in vessel pollution insurance, Safe Harbor can provide unique institutional knowledge to clients unmatched by any other carrier in the industry.

From the strength of our form, the broadest in the industry, to our commitment to hands-on service and claims excellence, Safe Harbor brings a track record of innovation, and a results-driven approach that has revolutionized the vessel pollution industry several times over.

Our goal has always been to build upon our experience in the industry, and at WQIS, to provide the most consistent, comprehensive and tailored coverage and support to our clients possible, and based on current performance we are projected to surpass WQIS as the market leader within 6 years of our founding. We take this rapid growth as a sign that we’re doing something right.