In the event of a spill or threat of discharge, contact Safe Harbor immediately.

Contact our 24 Hour
Toll Free Hotline at: (877) 397-9252

International calls can contact our office at: 1 + 516-795-8803

This will be directed to the Claims Department.

Industry Leading Spill Response

When seconds count, you want to know that your insurer is available and ready to handle an incident, that they have the infrastructure in place to deploy Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSROs) at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world, and that they have the expertise to quickly and effectively mitigate any additional damage. Safe Harbor offers the largest spill response network in the industry, allowing us to respond faster than any other carrier in those crucial first moments of an event. With services including damage mitigation, cleanup, and cost accounting Safe Harbor ensures you are insulated from further damage or liability after a spill occurs. Our first priority is to contain the event, using our industry leading network of Spill Managers to respond at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are, when you need it most. Safe Harbor’s team of Spill Managers are deployed immediately to oversee the cleanup process, adhering to rigorous and uncompromising standards to further protect you from unexpected or otherwise avoidable additional expenses, while our Claims Specialists process your claim—getting you the money you need with no runaround or delay.

Spill Reporting

Safe Harbor has a 24/7 manned hotline that our clients can call to report a spill. This phone call sets into motion the activation of our Spill Managers, as well as your claims response process. In the event that a spill happens from one of your vessels, Safe Harbor always recommends contacting the local or state government, so we will assist in notifying the relevant governmental bodies on our client’s behalf. Safe Harbor and our Spill Managers will work with all the governmental authorities to provide the best response with adequate resources and oversee OSROs in deploying the equipment.

Damage Mitigation

Safe Harbor manages an extensive network of Spill Managers worldwide; the largest of any of our competitors combined.  These managers are available to go on scene, manage and direct the use of resources, take cost control, and alleviate any fears governmental bodies have during a spill.

Clean Up

In conjunction with our Spill Managers, Safe Harbor has relationships in place with Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSROs) across the globe, in order to expedite the cleanup of spills in an efficient and cost-effective manner, no matter where the incident occurs.

Cost Accounting

Safe Harbor’s cost accounting system tracks all deployed or reserved equipment and resources on site, in real time. Rigorous cost accounting saves our clients’ money by properly financially managing an event and implementing various cost control measures, depending on the unique situational needs.  By partnering with us, you have the ability to be reimbursed through the National Pollution Fund Center for any cleanup costs over the statutory requirements. Not only is this an added service Safe Harbor provides, but it further protects and benefits our assureds and their excess underwriters.

  • What I value most is Safe Harbor’s responsiveness. They will follow up with me well in advanced of a renewal, and they will send a quote and bind faster than of their competitors. They definitely help make my life easier as a broker and that’s a big plus at the end of the day.

    — Account Manager – National Recognized Broker