At Safe Harbor, the newest name in vessel pollution insurance is also the most experienced. As veterans of WQIS ourselves, and with roughly 50 cumulative years of experience behind our team, Safe Harbor offers the strongest and longest track record of continuous applied expertise in the vessel pollution industry. The goodwill our clients have earned over their years with WQIS translates directly to goodwill working with Safe Harbor, because we were your underwriters at WQIS, and we strive to honor that past relationship in our work moving forward, with a superior product. Safe Harbor is more than a name; our greatest strength is in our ability to support you with the industry’s leading infrastructure and institutional knowledge available in the market today.

As a niche market in a niche space, every interaction with our clients is an opportunity to prove ourselves. Safe Harbor’s personalized approach and scrappy spirit means that we can be more agile than any other carrier in the vessel pollution space, and offer the broadest coverage form in the industry—all at a competitive price. When a single drop of fuel can have lasting ramifications, knowing that you have a team of experts behind you who are ready to go the extra mile should disaster strike is of the utmost importance. Our team is dedicated to providing the fastest, most robust service in the industry when you need it, and most proactive preventative measures before you do. You might think of us as a new face in vessel pollution insurance, but we’ve actually been here all along.